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Your Fresh Start Begins With Steven W. Hernandez

Steven W. Hernandez is a criminal defense lawyer, who has defended people charged with a variety offenses from Vehicular Homicide to Simple Drug Possession.  He recognized that a criminal or municipal court conviction can have a long lasting effect on the lives of his clients.  Mr. Hernandez believes there is something fundamentally wrong when a person serves their time, and debt to society, and still is haunted by their mistake. That he why takes great pride in helping his clients expunge their criminal and municipal court records and get the fresh start they need to put those mistakes behind. Nothing makes him happier than finding out that his clients can find employment, obtain loans previously denied, vote again, obtain a firearm identification card, and enjoy the Rights taken from his clients upon their convictions.

Mr. Hernandez has handled Expungements throughout the Sate of New Jersey. Call today for an appointment at 732-286-2700 to discuss your expungement issues and to get your fresh start.